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Simone Biles To Publish Autobiography

Simone Biles To Publish Autobiography

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By: Breanna Whitman

Fans of Simone Biles can expect to read all the details of her journey to gymnastics stardom in her upcoming autobiography, “Courage to Soar” currently set to hit shelves November 15, 2016.

Biles made fame in Rio winning four gold and one silver medal during the 2016 Olympic Games, marking her place in history as the most decorated female gymnast – and securing her unofficial title of “best gymnast ever” according to the majority of the gymnastics community.

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The autobiography is set to release with Christian publisher, Zondervan.

Biles fame has grown particularly in Christian circles in part because of the way Biles and her family have publicly represented their faith and in part because of Biles’ unique story, which Zondervan hints may be detailed in the upcoming book release, saying it will cover her “challenges in childhood” and “the ups and downs of her life.”

Tweets like this one from Bile’s adoptive mother, Nellie, (taken from Matthew 17:20) were widely reported during the Olympic cycle:

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Also, Biles’ life journey, including the adoption of Biles and her sister by their grandfather and his wife, made for a compelling story that news crews were all too eager to follow.

Add in debate sparked by gymnastics commentator Al Trautwig’s ignorant comment about Simone Biles adoptive mother “not” being her mom, and fans became attached to the family on a different level. Hundreds of adoptive parents, Christian and otherwise, stood up to make clear that adoptive parents are “real” parents too, and that no one can tell them otherwise.

Given the journey of the Bile’s family, and the way Simone Biles’ story has played out through Rio, her decision to publish through Zondervan will take few by surprise.

“There [are] so many people who have inspired me with their love and encouragement along the way – and I want to pass on that inspiration to readers. I feel honored to work with Zondervan. They publish so many great stories that inspire readers to live their lives with purpose,” Biles said in the publisher’s release.



One such story was Gabby Douglas’ 2012 memoir “Grace, Gold and Glory: My Leap of Faith,” which was co-authored by journalist Michelle Burford. Burford will also collaborate with Biles to write and publish “Courage to Soar.” Mary Lou Retton will write the foreword.

Annette Bourland, Vice President of Zondervan, noted that “Simone’s life and story will equip countless fans with the courage and motivation to move beyond ‘life as it seems.’”



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