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Biles Expected To Take A Long Break From The Gym

Biles Expected To Take A Long Break From The Gym

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By: Nicole Chappell


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With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games now officially commenced, and walking away with five Olympic medals (4 gold medals, 1 bronze), 19 year-old Simone Biles feels it is now time to take a break from the gym. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Biles stated that she “will be taking a year off, I think, just ’til everything settles down, because now we have photo shoots and other opportunities that will come our way. It will be really hard for us to be in and out of the gym and train very serious during this time period. So afterwards, then we’ll see.”

Although the break from gymnastics is much deserve, fans were shocked to hear that Simone’s break would be for such an extensive period of time. A year off of gymnastics is not typical and can be very challenging to regain any lost strength, flexibility and confidence. Often times, when athletes return from the Olympics, a healthy break from intensive training is necessary to recoup and heal. For all athletes, breaks are a normal part of the cycle and assist the athlete in rekindling their passion for the sport when it is no longer a part of their daily routine. But the question still remains, is a year break too long? Simone’s response of, “then we’ll see” when referring to her return to the gym after her break, isn’t very promising that even after a year off that she will train regularly.


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So what does this mean for Simone Biles’ gymnastics career? At this point, we are unsure as to what Simone’s plans are. As an Olympic gold medalist, celebrity status is unavoidable. At this point, her fame is likely to be taking priority over her training. Fans need to understand that she has already achieved her Olympic dreams, and even with 2020 easily in her grasp, her wish to take a long break is understandable. We wish Simone the best, and hope to see her back in the gym next year training for the 2020 Olympic Games. For now, she will be on the Kellogg’s Tour for the next few months before officially taking a significant leave of absence. Enjoy your break Simone! Wishing you health, happiness and contentment from us at GNN!


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