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Double Box Jumps To Develop Explosive Leg Power: Video Quick Tip

Gymnastics News Network Although many people are in the post season looking to get into strength cycles, I wanted to ...

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Muscle tightness may not necessarily be caused from tight muscles...just the feeling
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Hip Pain? Stretching Is NOT The Answer

Gymnastics News Network What Causes Hip Tightness and Pain? Keep in touch with what we’re doing here at Gymnast Care. ...

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USA Gymnastics To Receive New Reporting Procedures For Allegations Of Abuse

Gymnastics News Network By: Breanna Whitman Beginning in January, USA Gymnastics will have a new ally in the fight against sexual ...

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Assessing and Fixing The Dreaded “Pike Arch” Handstand: 6 Issues To Consider

Gymnastics News Network The very commonly seen “pike arch” and rib flared handstand is something many gymnastics coaches and athletes ...

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(Thomas Schreyer)

Michigan State University Fires Dr. Larry Nassar After Allegations Of Abuse Continue

Gymnastics News Network By: Breanna Whitman As allegations of sexual abuse continue to surface against former USA Gymnastics team physician Dr. ...

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medicine ball warm-ups

Video Quick Tip: Single Leg Medball Tosses

Gymnastics News Network One of the most common areas I see gymnastics overlook is reactive balance control work, especially in ...

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